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Brand strategy

Communications planning

  1. Are you changing your strategy as an institution?

  2. Is your core constituency changing?

  3. Are there seismic market shifts?

  4. If you ask 10 people in your organization “what is (your name here)?”, how many different answers would you get?

  5. Can everyone in your organization explain how all the pieces (programs and services) fit together?

  6. Do you feel like you’re the best kept secret in town?

  7. Do you feel like people know that you exist, but not why you matter?

  8. If you put all of your collateral on a table, would it look like it came from the same place?  Is it consistent with the look and feel of your web site?

  9. Do you have “dueling logos?”

  10. Is your logo easy to use?

  11. Do you have brand guidelines that are consistently used by everyone creating communications?

Brand strategy that just makes sense.

Does your brand strategy make sense?